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4WD Servicing & Repairs


KBI is the 4WD Gippsland specialists. They will look after your 4WD as if it was their own. They know being out of action stops you doing what you love. Kev and the team offer full general mechanical repairs to get you back doing what you love. You can also get you rego checks, expert fitting, all mechanical repairs and vehicle servicing.

Landcruise 200 Series Evolution 3D Winch Bar From KBI Offroad
4WD Inspection In Traralgon By KBI Offroad


If you’re planning a trip, get your vehicle in to KBI before you go. A thorough inspection will ensure your big trip doesn’t get stopped or delayed because of mechanical problems. When it comes to potential problems with 4WD, Kev and his expert team will make sure they are fixed before you head off..

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